The Plot Thickens (Or Know Your Doctors, Even If You Cannot)

To recap from the previous posting, we are being charged thousands of dollars for services we made use of in the past, retroactively, by a group of physicians we didn’t know existed.

This is turning into a real-life Catch-22. Innocence is no excuse for not paying.

We talked with a representative of the Pathologist group. He claimed that they did not have any responsibility in informing us of their withdrawal from the insurance plan. It’s the insurance company who’s responsible in informing us.

We also talked with a couple of representatives from the insurance company, who informed us that it is our responsibility to verify that the doctors whose services we use still belong to the insurance plan.

Do you see the problem (the catch) here? The problem is that we don’t ever meet any of the doctors in question; we didn’t even know they existed until this latest episode. To us, there are people who process the blood and bone marrow samples from us, but those people are part and parcel of the lab service that we make use of. How can we know that a hitherto anonymous group of people dropped out of our health plan? Are we, the patients, required to have god-like powers?

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