China the Beautiful 美丽中国

Here are some of the most beautiful scenes we observed during our trip last summer.

rape flowersA couple of Tibetan women sitting by rape flowers, their faces covered up to avoid damages from the intense sunshine at the Qinghai plateau. The waters of Qinghai Lake can be seen in the background.

A temple built on the side of a steep mountain, near Xining.

River of Yellow Water, near Xining.

A pond in Heshun, near Tengchong, Yunnan.

Snow Dragon MountainPerformance in front of Snow dragon Mountain, directed by the famous movie director Zhang Yimou.

More photos in a SlideShow.

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  1. CraZyHaYlE​y3: Don\’t worry. The Chinese content is similar to the English one. So you haven\’t lost anything (much) if you skip those things that don\’t make sense. (Of course, if you get to learn Chinese you might understand a little more, as somethings are better explained in one language than another.)

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