Mexico and South America Travelogues

Just uploaded a Mexico travelogue (written by the two of us; trip was made in 2006) a few days ago. And here is the link:

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In the mean time, my first draft of South America travelogue is being reviewed (by my wife). I’ll post it soon after, with pictures as always. For a teaser, here is the beginning part.

Don’t Cry for me, Argentina

In classical Chinese romance stories, the beautiful heroines
often die young. In the typical western classical fairy tale, not a single word
is wasted after the lucky beauty is happily married. Ah, such is the strength
of bound between youth and beauty. For thousands of years, people have
fascinated about holding on to them, more than about holding on to their lives.
Stay, the spring of life; Stay, the beauty in my eye.

Eva Paron’s is just such a terribly tragic, and consequently
the more beautiful, story. She started from the bottom of the society, became
an actress (but not a top-rated one), and then helped her husband to become
president. She connected to people, gave them production tools or start up money
(economical stimulus package?), and rejected their calls to become the first
female vice president. And then she died, in her youth, with her beauty intact.
What more can a person, whether the beauty or the admirer, ask for?

Our trip to South America, in the summer of 2008 (locally
winter), was not primarily to trace the romantic silhouettes of Evita, or Che, whose famous motorcycle
journey started from Buenos Aires.
Our main aim was something more tangible, something you can see, hear, feel,
and breathe in, at the same time.

I also would like to write a Chinese version. Here is its beginning paragraphs.





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